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  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Short Sale Offer
  • Standard “We Buy Houses” Offers (Multiple Offers)
  • Lease Option or Seller Finance
  • CFPB Complaints
  • Debt Validation Letter
  • TORT Letter (Notice of Intent to Sue)
  • Small Claims
  • FDCPA Complaint/Suit (DIY, Paralegal or Full Attorney)
  • Quiet Title Action/Suit (DIY, with paralegal, or Attorney)
  • Mortgage Fraud Investigation
  • UCC Mortgage Fraud Report (if applicable)
  • Potential Cause of Action Consultation
  • Federal FDCPA Lawsuit
  • Federal FBI Bank Fraud Package
  • 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Bankruptcy “Cram Downs”
  • 2nd/3rd Mortgage Lien Stripping
  • Emergency Skeleton Bankruptcy Filing
  • Loan Modification Documents and Forms
  • Land Trusts
  • Pre-REO Bank Vacant House Investor Assistance
  • Litigation support products and services including: Trial ready evidence, expert witness affidavits, expert witness testimony, turnkey lawsuit documents and packages, paralegal and attorney litigation support services.
  • List of Real Estate Services Include: Counseling, Mentoring, Coaching, Paralegal, Listing, Purchase and Sales. Rent, Lease, Lease Options, Wholesale Lease Options, Wholesale Seller Financing, Seller Financing, Investor Purchases, Land Acquisition, Water Rights, Wholesaling, Whole-tailing, Fix & Flips, Fix & List, Short Sale and Wholesale Short Sales.